Oregon State Parks Checklist

How many Oregon State Parks have you been to? Challenge your friends, throw darts and leave it to chance, or if you're up for the challenge go alphabetical. There's 59 Oregon State Parks and 2 versions of Fort Stevens to collect in Patch and Sticker form. Patches are just $5, and a portion of every sale is donated to The Oregon State Parks Foundation.  Start your collection.    Free Download, Printable PDF 8.5"x11"

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The Portland Series.

Hello Portland. Inspired by our pals at Travel Portland we designed and produced a series of patches, stickers and more.  Portland Views: A look east and a look west.  Each centered on the iconic Portland skyline and our new wordmark.  Available in stickers and patches.                                   Portland Skyline Stickers: Based off the PDX skyline and customized to fit local themes, ideas, personalities and interests, there's a Portland Sticker for anyone.   Coming soon: Customize your Portland sticker.         

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The World's Best Blanket is Oregon Made

The Oregon State Park Foundation Edition Blanket By Belmont Blanket (buy)  Built for Adventure  Waterproof for Oregon's finest weather.   Washable via machine or river.    The heavy warm hug you didn't know you needed.      Recently featured in USA Today, the Belmont Blanket is the real deal. Super warm, durable and stylish.  Perfect for Oregon State Parks adventures.  purchase via The Oregon State Parks Foundation Shop 

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